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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip to the Museum

Grandma Margaret brought my nieces out for a visit. Many hours of traveling with 2 little girls, but it was super fun to see them and we were so glad!

This meant a fashion show, trips to the park, outing to the movies (Madagascar 3) AND a pizza party, all squished into 36ish hours.

Mom got to stay a little longer, so we took Grandma to downtown DC to visit the sites. We had a lot of fun!

Ever heard of the Hope Diamond? Wondered what it looks like 2 feet away? Well, wonder no more! And enjoy the imperfections of taking pictures with an ipod.
It was really pretty.
 K's favorite display, the butterfly
 This large elephant greets you in the lobby

Pretty photography-Japanese Maple Tree (description in picture below)

Ginormous snake!!!

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